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What Are Some Good Reference Books? part 2

Communication Careers

Q. "What is a good resource for learning about communication careers for English and liberal arts majors?"

A. The following books describe various career fields for liberal arts majors. The Associates program also provides a list of current best sellers.

book cover "Spying On The College Of Your Choice" is a guide book for high school students and their parents who are exploring colleges and making campus visits by Steven C. Oppenheimer
book cover "100 Best Careers for Writers and Artists " by Shelly Field
book cover "Great Jobs for English Majors" by Julie Degalan, Stephen E. Lambert
book cover "100 Jobs in Words (100 Jobs Series)" by Scott A. Meyer
book cover "100 Jobs in Technology" by Lori Hawkins, Betsy Dowling (Contributor)
book cover "The 101 Best Freelance Careers" by Kelly Reno
book cover Unique Meeting, Wedding, and Party Places in Greater Washington by Elise Ford, Elise Hartman Ford
book cover Making Money in Technical Writing
book cover "Great Jobs for Foreign Language Majors (Vgm's Great Jobs Series)" by Julie Degalan, Stephen E. Lambert
book cover "Best Careers for Bilingual Latinos" by Graciela Kenig
book cover "Great Jobs for Theater Majors (Great Jobs Series)" by Jan Goldberg
book cover "Career Opportunities in Theater and the Performing Arts" by Shelly Field
book cover "Careers for Culture Lovers & Other Artsy Types (Careers for You Series)" by Marjorie Eberts, Margaret Gisler
book cover "Working With Words: Careers for Writers" by Margaret Harmon [can be ordered through an out-of-print order — no percentage given to us for out-of-print orders]
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