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Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter Archives

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Chapter Events for 1998-1999

Listed below are the chapter events that were held from August 1998 through June 1999. Events were held in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia to accommodate members throughout the area.

August 1998

Chapter Event: "Executive Committee Board Meeting" (location: Cynthia's house in Adelphi, MD.)

September 1998

Chapter Event: Fall Kick-Off— "Follow the Arrows: Lessons from the Circus" (speaker: Mary Wise; location: Holiday Inn Silver Spring in Silver Spring, MD.)

October 1998

Chapter Event: "Communicating the World of Earth Science to NASA's Visitors: A New Gallery for the Public" (speakers: Cindy Howell and Dr. Mitchell Hobish; location: NASA Goddard's Visitor Center in Greenbelt, MD.)

November 1998

Chapter Event: "Building a Communications Plan" PR Traveling Exhibit (speaker: Laura Overstreet; location: Pulcinella - The Italian Host - Ristorante in McLean, VA.)

December 1998

Chapter Event: "STC in the International Arena?" with the STC 1998 International Competition Winners Traveling Exhibits also on display (speaker: Andrea K. Allen-Cerioli, Senior Technical Writer, Andersen Consulting Technology Park, Sophia Antipolis, France; location: Hughes Network Systems in Gaithersburg, MD.)

Chapter Event: Chapter Competitions Judging Consensus Day. (location: Holiday Inn Silver Spring in Silver Spring, MD.)

Chapter Event: "Executive Committee Board Meeting" (location: Lakeside Inn in Fairfax, VA.)

January 1999

Chapter Event: "Web Design: <<Site Under Construction>>" (speaker: Miles Baron; location: JR's Stockyards restaurant in McLean, VA.)

February 1999

Chapter Event: Chapter Competition Awards Celebration (Speaker: Mary R. Wise, STC First Vice President and Manager of Instructional Design for Manugistics, Inc.; location: Martin's Crosswinds in Greenbelt, MD.)

March 1999

Chapter Event: Community Service—WETA-TV Fund Drive (speaker: studio announcers and a guest; location: WETA TV station in Shirlington, VA.)

April 1999

Chapter Event: "Software Testing Workshop" (speakers: Tracey Chiricosta, Charles Fisher, Tom Witherspoon; location: American InterContinental University (AIU) in Washington, DC.)

May 1999

Chapter Event: Panel Discussion: "So You Want to Go Out on Your Own: Advice on Consulting" (speakers: Ginny Redish and Friends; location: O'Donnell's Seafood Restaurant in Bethesda, MD.)

Chapter Event: "Executive Committee Board Meeting" (location: 94th Aero Squadron restaurant in College Park, MD.)

STC's 46th Annual Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio.

June 1999

Chapter Event: Chapter Service Awards, "Meet the Fellows" Networking Luncheon (location: Evans Farm Inn in McLean, VA.)

Chapter Event: "Executive Committee Board Summer Planning Meeting" (location: Leslie O'Gwin-Rivers in Germantown, MD.)

July to August 1999

 60 days
Chapter Event: Summer break

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