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Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter Archives

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Chapter Events for 1995-1996

Listed below are the chapter events that were held from August 1995 through June 1996. Events were held in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia to accommodate members throughout the area.

Note: Blank lines indicate that the information is not available at the moment. We are working on getting the information.

August 1995

Chapter Event: "Networking and Kickoff for the 95-96 Chapter Year" (speaker: none; location: Holiday Inn at Ballston in Arlington, VA.)

September 1995

Chapter Event: "Stress Management for Technical Communicators" (speaker: Dr. Robert Rifken, Chiropractor; location: Silver Spring Holiday Inn, Silver Spring, MD)

October 1995

Chapter Event: "Joint Meeting with the Baltimore Chapter—The Importance of Usability Testing" (speaker: Ginny Redish, Redish & Associates; location: Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, MD.)

STC Event STC Region 2 Conference: "Staying Afloat: Managing Communication Trends" hosted by Baltimore chapter (keynote speakers: Ms. Jerilynne Sander and Saul Carliner; location: Hyatt Regency Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland.)

November 1995

Chapter Event: "_TBD__" (speaker: ______; location: Hughes Network Systems in Gaithersburg, MD.)

December 1995

Chapter Event: "Home Pages and the World Wide Web" (speaker: Cynthia A. Lockley; location: Holiday Inn at Ballston in Arlington, VA.)

January 1996

Nothing scheduled

February 1996

Nothing scheduled.

March 1996

Chapter Event: "Translation: What's it all About?" (speaker: none; location: Marriott Suites Bethesda)

April 1996

Chapter Event: "Dialing for Books, a service event" (speaker: Washington Literacy Council Presentation; location: AT&T in Beltsville, MD)

May 1996

STC's 43rd Annual Conference in Seattle, Washington

June and July 1996

 60 days
Chapter Event: "Enjoy the summer break" (speaker: none; location: your choice)

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