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Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter Archives

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Chapter Events for 2004-2005

Listed below are the chapter events that were held from July 2004 through June 2005. Events were held in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia to accommodate members throughout the area.

June 2004

Chapter Event: Vision Day: Come share a potluck, consider objectives for our chapter, and help update our chapter's strategic plan. (location: Eddie Vanarsdall's in Arlington, VA)

July – August 2004

Enjoying the summer break (speakers: none)

August 2004

Chapter Event: Competitions Call for Entries opens 2004-2005 chapter competitions

STC Telephone Seminar: Writing Effective Introductions and Overviews (speaker: Leah Guren). 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. EDT.

September 2004

Chapter Event: STC WDCB Open House – a casual evening of networking. (speaker: none; location: Chef Geoff's Downtown in Washington, DC)

STC Telephone Seminar: Cascading Style Sheets: Learning the Basics (Part I) (speaker: Char James-Tanny)

STC Telephone Seminar: Cascading Style Sheets: Creating Layouts without Tables (Part II) (speaker: Char James-Tanny)

Chapter Event: Deadline for Competition Entries

October 2004

STC Telephone Seminar: Communicating With Older Audiences (speaker: Dana Chisnell and Amy Lee)

Chapter Event: Single Sourcing by Design: A Gradual Approach (speaker: John Hawkins; location: ICF on I Street in Washington, DC)
STC Telephone Seminar: A Brief, Comprehensive Indexing Primer (speaker: Seth Maislin)

November 2004

Chapter Event: Competition Entries Pick-Up and Judges' Training meeting (location: National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) Conference Center in Arlington, VA)

STC Telephone Seminar: Introducing Windows 'Longhorn' Help (speaker: Char James-Tanny)

Chapter Event: Documentation Project Management Workshop (speaker: Charles Fisher, Jr.; location: ASET International Services in Arlington, VA)

Chapter Event: Administrative Council Meeting (location: Cynthia's in Adelphi, MD)

December 2004

Chapter Event: Competitions Consensus Judging Day. (location: EEI Communications, in Silver Spring, MD)

Chapter Event: Tales from Frustrated Job Seekers (speaker: Lisa Wiley; location: Eggspectation in Silver Spring)

STC Telephone Seminar: Highlighting Hazards: Mastering Warnings and Error Messages (speaker: Leah Guren)

January 2005

Chapter Event: Administrative Council Meeting (location: Kristen Sweet's in Silver Spring, MD)

STC Telephone Seminar: Preemptive Project Planning (speaker: John Hedtke)

Chapter Event: Strategic Planning for Your Life (speaker: Judy Glick-Smith; location: Group 1 in Lanham, MD)

STC Telephone Seminar: A Pound of Salt, A Pint of Blood - Getting the Most Out of Your Contractors to Ensure Project Success (speaker: Tom White)

February 2005

STC Telephone Seminar: Sentence Diagramming (speaker: Ann Jennings)

Chapter Event: Competition Awards Celebration and Workshop on Content Management (Keynote speaker: Thom Haller; Workshop: Leslie O'Flahavan; location: the Capital Hilton Washington, DC)

STC Telephone Seminar: Adobe Acrobat 7.0 (speaker: Brian Wood)

STC Telephone Seminar: Global Diversity: Increasing Cross-Cultural Communication Awareness (speaker: Carol M. Barnum)

Chapter Event: Administrative Council Meeting (location: Eddie VanArsdall's in Arlington, VA)

March 2005

STC Telephone Seminar: That's a Good Question! (speaker: Elizabeth Frick)

Chapter Event: Administrative Council Meeting

Chapter Event: Annual Career Day (speakers: various; location: ICF Consulting in Fairfax, VA)

STC Telephone Seminar: Breaking into E-learning (speaker: William Horton)

April 2005

STC Telephone Seminar: Building Brand into Your Product or Website (speaker: Robert Barlow-Busch)

Two Knowledge University Workshops: Using Adobe® Acrobat® (morning session); Adobe® Acrobat® Accessibility (afternoon session) (Instructor: Teri Murphy; location: EEI)

STC Telephone Seminar: Magical Numbers (speaker: Jean-luc Doumont)

May 2005

Two Knowledge University Workshops: Introduction to XML (morning session); Introduction to JavaScript™ (afternoon session) (Instructor: Mary Gillen; location: EEI Communications in Silver Spring, MD)

STC's 52nd Annual Conference in Seattle, Washington.

June 2005

Chapter Event: Volunteer Recognition Luncheon. (speaker: none; location: Capitol City Brewing Company, Capitol Hill)

STC Telephone Seminar: WebEx Demo (private event). 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. EDT.

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