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Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter Archives

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Tuesday, January 18, 1994

Technical Publications and Art Competition Awards Banquet

About the Event

Join the winners of our chapter's 1993-94 technical publications and art competition as we recognize their excellence in technical communication. All of this Year's winning entries will be on display throughout the evening, and the communicators who produced the winning entries will be announced and given awards for their achievements. Friends, co-workers, and non-members are welcomed. The banquet will be held in the Main Ballroom of the National Press Club, located in Washington, DC at 14th and F Streets, NW.

In addition to the award ceremonies, Susan D. Kleimann, Ph.D. will join us to speak about designing documents in a technical environment.

Don't forget your business cards! We collect a business card from each attendee for a drawing to be held in March. The prize is the cost of the registration fee for the Annual conference will be paid for by the Chapter.

About the Speaker

Susan D. Kleimann, Ph.D., is the recently (February 1993) appointed Director of the American Institutes for Research's Document Design Center (DDC). As director of the DDC, Dr. Kleimann oversees the research, analysis, writing, and design of client projects. She came to the DDC after working as a member of the Training Institute at the U.S. General Accounting Office, where she developed and conducted courses for staff members and executives. She received her Ph.D. in Rhetoric in 1989 from the University of Maryland. She has published many journal articles and other publications on topics such as document reviews and writing programs. In addition, Dr. Kleimann has conducted many workshops and conference presentations on topics including total quality management and training issues.


6:30 p.m. - Registration, display of entries, cash bar
7:15 p.m. - Dinner
8:15 p.m. - Speaker's Presentation
8:45 p.m. - Awards Presentations

Non-members and guests are welcomed to attend.


$25 per person with advance reservations


  • Southwestern Caesar salad with pueblo sun corn
  • Grilled marinated chicken with olive oil, fresh herbs, and lemon
  • Saffron couscous and squash medley
  • Cheesecake with fresh fruit
  • Coffee and tea

Advance reservations and payment are required. Please mail your check or money order made payable to STC Washington DC Chapter to Charles Fisher.

photo of 14th Street entrance of National Press Building


Main Ballroon, National Press Club
529 14th Street NW (near 14th and F)
Washington, DC  20045
Phone: 202-662-7500

Map and directions to the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

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