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Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter Archives

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Usability SIG Thursday, 8 August 2002

Topic: "Designing an Intranet Web Site — the What, How, Why, and 508"

About the Event

Corporations, non-profits, even governmental agencies are learning that a well-designed intranet is a powerful communications device. But how do you avoid problems and make sure it works well for all users? Is it designed to meet 508 accessibility issues?

Designing an intranet requires an understanding of the context of use, the user, and organizational requirements. Content, design, consistency, and maintenance are essential to quality. If done well, the corporate intranet contributes to communication, job performance, and cohesiveness within the corporate community.

Accessibility and Section 508 compliance is yet another consideration. Most organizations have someone with a disability, be it colorblindness or visual acuity. Part 2 of this program presents how to get your management and Web developers to support accessibility for the corporate Intranet.

Getting all of this to come together is the focus of this presentation.

Don't forget your business cards for networking!

About the Speakers

David Dick, an experienced usability practitioner, will share with us lessons he has learned and techniques he gathered from others. These are all concepts he has tested in his own job at SWIFT (the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) in Brussels, Belgium. Among other accomplishments, he has created standards for the evaluation of user interfaces and user documentation. Last year he was responsible for ensuring that the Design Team of SWIFT Network Operation satisfied all requirements to earn ISO 9001 certification.

David is also the managing editor of the STC Usability SIG quarterly newsletter, Usability Interface, which received an Excellence award in this Year's STC SIG newsletter competition. David received the 2002 Distinguished SIG Service award for his leadership in managing the Usability SIG newsletter. We are fortunate to have David share his knowledge with us during his visit back home.

David will be the lead presenter in Part 1. Kathy Bine will present Part 2.

In her 14 years of experience, Kathy Bine has managed documentation production teams and designed Web sites and HTML-based user information systems for installed and Web-based software. Kathy has written users' manuals, quick references, technical reference manuals, and context-sensitive online help for installed and Web-based software systems. She also develops interactive CD-ROMs. Kathy works for ICF Consulting in Fairfax, Virginia, where she is a leader of its Section 508 task force. Kathy published "Section 508 and Why It Matters" in Hyperviews:Online.


6:15 to 7:00 p.m. Registration, networking, and food
7:00 to 8:30 p.m. Program


Light meal of sandwiches with meat and vegetarian fillings, chips, and dessert.


$10 for STC members with advance registration
$12 for others with advance registration
$17 for all walk-ins


Reservation and cancellation deadline: noon, Tuesday, August 6, 2002
Note: payment by PayPal or check must be received by this date and time.

To register, complete the online reservation form and make an electronic payment using PayPal from this form, or send a check payable to STC Washington DC Chapter to:

Allen Rotz
1430 S Street NW
Washington, DC  20009-3854


For more information on this event or to join the STCWDC Usability SIG email list, contact the Usability SIG Manager.


photo of the NRECA conference center

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) Conference Center
4301 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington VA  22203
Phone: 703-907-5939

Map and directions to National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) Conference Center in Arlington, VA.

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