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Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter Archives

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May 23 event

STC WDC Networking Dinner

Event Summary

Tuesday, 23 May 2006
6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Registration, Networking, and Dinner
Directions are provided below.
The Boulevard Woodgrill
Fillmore Room
2901 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, Virginia 22201
Phone: 703-875-9663
$25 for all attendees
Complete the online Event Registration form. Registration is required by 8:00 p.m. Thursday, 18 May 2006.

Don't forget your business cards for networking!

About the Event

This Year's STC Annual Conference in Las Vegas was expected to attract over 2,500 people. If you were not one of them, you'll want to hear the skinny from those who attended.

Come out to the Boulevard Woodgrill in Arlington on May 23 for a delicious meal and an opportunity to network and chat about the conference and whatever else comes to mind. If you did attend, please join us and share your impressions—not required, but certainly welcome.

Both our profession and STC are changing tremendously these days, so let's get together and share our impressions.

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When you register for the event, you may choose from among the following meals (the appetizers are served as hors d'oeuvres). All entrées include a tossed green salad and dessert.


  • Homemade Meatballs with Fresh Mushroom Marsala
  • Southwest Chicken and Avocado Mini-Chimichangas
  • Balsamic Tomato Bruschetta


  • Woodgrilled Ribeye Steak Frites: A 12oz. cut topped with a mushroom balsamic butter and served with our fresh-cut fries.
  • Woodgrilled Nordic Salmon: Flown in fresh from Bergen, Norway; served over buttermilk mashed potatoes, with grilled asparagus; finished with our mimosa vinaigrette.
  • Jamaican Jerk Chicken Breast: A boneless chicken breast coated with a spicy-sweet guava scotch bonnet glaze and pineapple salsa, served with cilantro rice.
  • Vegetarian Platter: Jasmine rice topped with grilled asparagus and portabella mushrooms with a tamarind-soy sauce and our homemade artisan macaroni & cheese.

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photo of The Boulevard Woodgrill

The Boulevard Woodgrill
2901 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA  22201
Phone: 703-875-9663

Map and directions to The Boulevard Woodgrill in Arlington, VA.

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