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Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter Archives

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June 2004

Topic: "Vision Day"

Event Summary
Date: Saturday, 19 June 2004
Time: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Location: Directions are provided below.
1400 S. Joyce Street
Apt. 1133
Arlington, VA 22202
Phone: 703-486-2952 or 703-597-7902
Cost: One item for potluck.
RSVP: Registration is required for this event by Tuesday, 15 June. To reserve, complete the online reservation form.

Don't forget your business cards for networking!

About the Event

We will be considering objectives for our chapter and updating our chapter's strategic plan.

"Keeping the transformation principle of 'member value' in mind, what can we do-that we are not already doing-to serve our members?"

  1. Ground rules for the meeting
    1. Crazy ideas are encouraged, though they might not be done.winking smiley face
    2. Think about what we can do this year, next year, and the year after. Think big.
    3. Hear people out.
    4. If you are uncertain about an idea, bring it up anyway.
    5. Ask questions.
    6. Be as brief as you can-if you can't describe your idea, think about it a bit longer.
    7. Be realistic about your commitments.
  2. Scope of the Vision Day meeting
    1. List of what we can realistically accomplish.
    2. List for the future (things we do not plan to tackle this year).
      1. No person to lead up student/high school stuff, so not this year.
      2. No person to lead up scholarships, so not this year.
    3. How to accomplish those things (tactics).
    4. Who is going to do what.
  3. Transformation/Rechartering
    1. How does our chapter fit into the plans of the Society's offices?
    2. How do we align ourselves with membership needs?
  4. Membership (Laura Jackel/Susan Steen, committee managers)
    1. Current members
      1. Contact them and ask what would they want: more meetings near them, conference calls, subject matter, etc.
      2. Ask whether their company paid for their own membership.
      3. Ask what they would want us to change.
    2. New members
      1. Ask current members to bring a friend.
      2. Offer something - free entry to events? If they bring in new member(s)
      3. Introduce new members to other members.
      4. New member packets - are they used?
      5. Ask them to volunteer.
    3. Former members
      1. Ask why they dropped.
      2. Call nonmembers who remain nonmembers.
    4. How can we best answer these questions (Zoomerang survey, phone calls, etc.)?
  5. Events (Kristen Sweet, committee manager)
    1. KU: was it useful?
      1. Javascript/XML, Acrobat/Photoshop: too much in one day?
      2. Need more details?
      3. Turnout?
      4. Response?
    2. Do people want help with their job searches, careers, educational quals?
    3. Do people want informal networking events? (food seems to bring them out)
    4. Locations, days/dates, times.
  6. Competition (Melissa Brown, committee manager)
    1. Awards Banquet is cited as one of the most popular meetings in last Year's survey.
  7. Volunteers (VACANT)
    1. Identify existing volunteers already in the pool - Are these volunteers being used? If not, why not?
    2. Recruit new volunteers as needed-if needed.
    3. How do we keep our volunteers motivated and prevent burnout?
  8. Public Relations (Denise Joseph, committee manager)
    1. Reach out to similar associations (see list in Administrative Directory), possibly set up joint meetings?
    2. Use Employment part of website to reach out to new communities? (Steve Oppenheimer)
    3. Promote events in the media.
    4. FOSE, employment fairs, etc.
    5. Newsletter: how can we use the newsletter themes to coordinate with our events to promote the chapter?
  9. Education (VACANT, committee manager)
    1. Are we providing value?
    2. How can we improve value?
    3. What level of experience/education are we aiming for?
    4. Where do our members work?
    5. What does our membership want to learn-skills, strategies, or are they coming to the events to simply network?
    6. Mentoring: possible or not?
  10. Recognition
    1. How do we recognize excellence in our profession?
    2. How do we recognize our volunteers?
    3. Is that enough?
  11. Employment (Ann Ray, committee manager)
    1. What is our success rate?
    2. Have we ever posted requests for internships from members of the JMU Student Chapter?
  12. Leadership
    1. How do we ensure that there is leadership for next year, and the years after that?
    2. How do we prevent leader burnout?
    3. How can we improve leadership transitions?
  13. Strategic Planning (Janet Scharp, committee manager)
    1. Does our strategic plan reflect these priorities we've discussed today?
    2. How will we update our strategic plan?
    3. How can we ensure we live out our strategic plan?
    4. Does it make sense to include detailed tactics in our strategic plan, or should we just restrict it to higher level goals and objectives, leaving tactics to an annual implementation plan?

For more information about Vision Day, please contact Kathy Bine at .


The home of Eddie VanArsdall

Note: A cat is a member of Eddie's family.


Lunch is potluck. Drinks will be provided. Please indicate on your registration form what you plan to bring.


To help us plan for this event, please complete the online reservation form by Tuesday, 15 June 2004.


To cancel a registration, contact the Events Committee Manager.


Address is no longer available.

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