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Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter Archives

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Saturday, 6 October 2001

Topic: Seminar "Making Web Sites Accessible:—Implementing Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act"

About the Seminar

[New Location] National Cancer Institute

Special all-day seminar hosted by the Capital PC User Group Entrepreneurs and Consultants SIG. Is your website ready to serve the disabled? Those razzle-dazzle graphics and image maps that so appeal to the sighted can be burdensome to the disabled. A webmaster's appetite for rich eye candy needs to be tempered with low-calorie HTML code. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (29 U.S.C. 794d), as amended by Public Law 106-246, requires that federal agencies and their contractors provide equivalent access to members of the public and federal employees with disabilities. Government departments and agencies face legal sanctions if their websites are inaccessible to users with disabilities. The Department of Justice has warned federal webmasters that the public and employees with disabilities may file administrative complaints with agencies they believe to be in violation of Section 508 or may file private lawsuits in federal district court. The deadline for compliance was June 21, 2001.

This presentation will cover the Access Board's section 508 Web accessibility provisions, 36 C.F.R. pt. 1194.22, found at, and the technical methods for implementing them. Attendees will get up-to-date information on how best to comply with the law. Mr. Houser will also cover commercial and noncommercial tools, assessing their strengths and weaknesses in meeting the section 508 challenge.

What They're Saying About This Seminar:

An excellent compilation of information to help webmasters create websites that meet section 508 requirements. Readers, tools, resources, access rules, standards, barriers, and other information is outlined in a format that can prove to be helpful to you in making changes to your agency's website.Vic Powell, USDA Webmaster

...a stunning amount of legal, policy, and practical material. Houser put this library of material together and has performed a great service to the public and for federal agencies. [He] takes the mystery out of complying with section 508 and helps you today with advice on the nitty gritty, how do I get it done on the Web now.Rich Kellett, GSA Office of Governmentwide Policy

Your pages are succinct and well crafted.Carl Alvers, Webmaster, U.S. Atlantic Fleet

This seminar will cover the material presented in the June 16, 2001, Capital PC User Group seminar on the same topic, updated to reflect what's happened since the date for section 508 compliance has passed, and what has been learned.

About the Speaker

Walter Houser, Webmaster, Department of Veterans Affairs and Co-Chair, Federal Webmasters Working Group, Federal CIO Council. Walter Houser has spearheaded Section 508 compliance as webmaster for the Department of Veterans Affairs and co-chair of the Federal Webmasters Working Group of the Federal CIO Council. He developed a hands-on training class for federal webmasters to achieve implementation of Section 508 compliant Web pages. Walter is also a columnist for Government Computer News and has written on Section 508 and numerous other concerns of federal IT managers. His email address is .


9:30 a.m.Check-in
10:00 a.m.Welcome
10:05 a.m.Morning Session: LEGISLATION AND THEORY
12:30 p.m.Lunch Break (cafeteria available in building)
1:30 p.m.Afternoon Session: TOOLS AND PRACTICE
3:55 p.m.Closing announcements
4:00 p.m.Informal queries, conversation, networking

There will be a short break during the morning and the afternoon sessions.


Cafeteria is available on the second floor.


STC member's rate is $25. Mention that you are with STC when you make your reservation.

Registration and Materials FEE: STC members, $25
CPCUG members, $15
(Other nonmembers, $60.
CPCUG Membership: $42 for 1 year)

National Cancer Institute map


National Cancer Institute
3rd floor conference room
6116 Executive Boulevard
Rockville, MD  20852

Map and directions to National Cancer Institute in Rockville, MD.

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