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Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter Archives

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Administrative Council Information

June 2007 Summer Planning Event

Chapter Year Planning Meeting

Event Summary

Saturday, 23 June 2007
9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Directions are provided below.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Library
901 G Street, NW
2nd Floor, Room 221
Washington, DC
Phone: 202-727-1222
Let the Chapter President know if you plan to attend.

Don't forget your business cards for networking!

Meeting Description

This is our first planning meeting. We'll have a follow-up conference call in July (TBD) and then another face-to-face planning meeting, tentatively set for August 11th.

At this meeting, we will begin to discuss and plan chapter activities, such as chapter events, competition. We'll also discuss integrating our chapter newsletter with the new chapter blog and how to be effective leaders. The LCR has plenty of information that will help every chapter volunteer. Please check out the resources at:

Specific leadership training material is available at: I encourage all incoming officers (and volunteers too) to read through the material. It is helpful for everyone!




photo of the Martin Luther King Jr. Library in DC

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library
901 G Street, NW
2nd Floor, Room 221
Washington, DC  20001
Phone: 202-727-1222

The library is located off the Red line on the metro (at the Gallery Place/Chinatown station). Take the exit for 9th Street (also known as Galleries). Cross the street, you'll see the library and entrance. Enter the library and go through the security check. Go around to the right and take the elevators to the 2nd floor. Follow the signs to room 221.

Map and directions to Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library in Washington, DC.

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