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Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter Archives

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March 2005 event

Biographies of Career Day Table Hosts

Joe Barone
Training and Support: Perfect Together? Perfect for You?

Joseph S. Barone is a Senior Information Officer with the Information Solutions Group/Global Services Division at The World Bank in Washington, D.C. His responsibility is the supervision of the ISGCR Training Team and the SAP/IRIS Help Desk. In addition, he has designed and facilitates a variety of in-house workshops, such as Business Warehouse and Project Portal. He has traveled to over nine countries in 2003 training Bank staff on a variety of systems.

Previously, Mr. Barone was a Consultant for the Bank's Imaging Project and Project Manager for the File Improvement Program in the Middle East North Africa Region. As part of the File Improvement Program, he lead two missions to the Bank's Field Offices in Ghana and Bangladesh. Mr. Barone was also responsible for the design, development and facilitation of various Records and Information (RIM) workshops, such as the File Management Workshop, Managing Procurement Documentation, Using the Regional Information Processing Guidelines and Introduction to the VideoText Information Retrieval System. Mr. Barone holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Special Education from St. John's University (New York City), a Masters of Art in Social Studies Education from Hunter College (New York City) and a Professional Diploma in Training and Management Development from New York University.

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Tom Dezell
Fine tuning your interviewing skills

Tom Dezell, Certified Professional Résumé Writer, is one of six staff members at the Maryland Professional Outplacement Assistance Center (POAC). He has been at POAC for four years. Tom teaches unemployed professional, technical and managerial personnel job hunting skills. He has spent 20 years in career development. He earned a BS in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University and started his career as a case worker at work-release facilities.

After discovering that preparing clients to look for jobs was the most enjoyable part of this work, he focused on this area for the rest of his career. Tom helped clients with work related disabilities and clients on public assistance before coming to POAC. He is one of the few people that you will meet who has assisted clients ranging from an ex-offenders to six-figure executives. Helping such a wide range of clients face challenges in their job searches has given Tom the wisdom that he uses to help you put your best foot forward in job interviews.

For more information about POAC, see the Professional Outplacement Assistance Center website.

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Ann Hull
Your résumé: What employers do and don't want to read

Anne Hull is an independent career development and organizational change management consultant. She has led Career Transition Seminars for Lee Hecht Harrison, an internationally recognized career and leadership consulting firm. She designs and delivers custom initiatives in individual and organizational career development, management development, and organizational change.

Anne has over two decades of experience with Banking, Publishing, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Non-profit and Volunteer organizations. She has served on the adjunct faculty of Marymount University and has been a guest lecturer at The Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland University College.

Anne has an Organization Development Certificate from Georgetown University, a Masters of Education in Counseling, and certificates in Performance Improvement Project Facilitation and Managing Organizational Change.

Anne is the current President of the Washington Metro Chapter of the Association of Career Planners International. Her other affiliations include the American Society for Training and Development, the International Society for Performance Improvement, and the Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network.

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Annette Reilly
Salary negotiation
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Mary Wise:
How you go about becoming a published author
Mary R. Wise is a Senior Communications Manager for Fannie Mae, where she designs, develops, and delivers e-learning courses for mortgage lenders. She has over 20 years of experience in technical communication, from word processing operator to documentation manager to instructional designer. An STC Fellow, Mary's STC service includes conference-planning roles, Director-Sponsor for Region 2, Society President, and Chair of the Nominating Committee. She published her first novel, "Girl Clown", in March of 2004 and is currently working on two sequels. Mary feels her background as a circus clown prepared her well for both her corporate and STC jobs.

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