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Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter Archives

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February 2003 event

2002-2003 Competition Awards Ceremony &Workshop: "Getting Good PDF"

Event Summary
Date: Saturday, 8 February 2003
Time: 11:00 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. Registration
11:45 a.m. -  1:00 p.m. Lunch
 1:00 p.m. -  2:00 p.m. Awards program
 2:00 p.m. -  3:30 p.m. PDF workshop
Location: Marriott Renaissance Washington, DC Hotel
999 9th Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 898-9000
Directions are below
Cost: Fees are listed below.

To register, complete the online reservation form.
Registration is required for this event and must be made by Friday, 31 January. See the Reservation and Cancellation Policies for more information.

Speakesr' Handouts and Presentations

Don't forget your business cards for networking!

2002-2003 Competition Awards Ceremony

Technical Publications, Technical Art, and Online Communication Competitions

Whether or not you participated in the competition this year, come out and see the winning entries, meet the judges, cheer on the winners, and enjoy a delicious lunch. This is a perfect opportunity not only for networking but for getting your eyes and hands on the state of the art in technical communication. Documentation managers, bring your teams to encourage their competitive spirit. Maybe you'll be encouraged to enter the competition next year!

As a special addition this year, Sharon Burton-Hardin, a fun, funny, intense, and exciting speaker, will deliver a keynote address, "How Technical Writers are Changing the World."

Adobe® Acrobat® Workshop!
Sharon Burton-Hardin on "Getting Good PDF"

In this 90-minute workshop, you will learn how to consistently get good PDF by doing the following:

  • Properly setting up the printer driver.
  • Using Postscript fonts in your document.
  • Using the best graphics formats.
  • Opening your application and document.
  • Printing the document to a Postscript file on your hard drive, using the proper printer.
  • Opening the PS file in Distiller and distilling it.
  • Optimizing the PDF file to make it as small as it can be.

Sharon Burton-Hardin, a fun, funny, intense, and exciting speaker, will share some hard-won advice for each step. Each student will receive a detailed handout showing dialog boxes from Acrobat 5.0, though her advice will help you with your PDF problems in Acrobat 3, 4, and 5. See Speakesr' Handouts and Presentations to view or print a copy of this handout.

About the Speaker

photo of Sharon Burton-Hardin

Sharon Burton-Hardin, CEO of Anthrobytes Consulting, is trained as a cultural anthropologist with a focus on cognitive anthropology, Mayan studies, and economic anthropology. She has met all the requirements for her PH.D., except writing the dissertation.

Sharon has been in the technical writing field since her first technical writing job in 1991, while still in graduate school. That job showed her the connections between her studies in anthropology and her strong interest in the new field of personal computers. Her interest in how any technology works and how people use that technology continues today.

"History shows that ordinary people can do extraordinary things when provided the right tools and instruction," Sharon says.

Technical writing is an important occupation. People depend on the instruction materials to tell them how to use their tools. The one thing that we know about humans is that if you give them tools to use, they will do things with them you cannot imagine. Like send a skate board to another planet. Like make devices that talk to satellites to tell you where you are on the face of the Earth. These are amazing technological advances.

In addition to running her consulting company, Sharon teaches technical writing at the local University of California, and travels all over the country speaking about technical writing-related topics. In her spare time, she researches her family history, works on her Karate green belt, and has started publishing articles in non-technology publications.


  • Harvest salad: mixed greens, cucumbers, and shredded carrots
  • Choose one entree:
    • Oven roasted chicken breast with cardamon spiced apples, golden raisins, and almonds over cider sauce; coconut rice; and fresh seasonal vegetables
    • Poached salmon filet in lemongrass with tarragon broth and zucchini relish; parslied potatoes; and fresh seasonal vegetables
    • Vegetable paella: a blend of saffron, herbs and rice, gently baked with fresh seasonal vegetables and topped with plum tomatoes, asparagus, and roasted mushrooms
  • Dessert: Viennese apple streudel with vanilla sauce and whipped cream
  • French rolls, coffee


Attend either the Awards Ceremony Luncheon OR the Workshop:
$40 — STC members
$30 — Administrative Council members
$30 — Judges and Entrants
$30 — Students (member or nonmember)
$50 — Nonmembers

Attend both events:
$60 — STC members
$40 — Administrative Council members
$40 — Judges and Entrants
$40 — Students (member or nonmember)
$80 — Nonmembers

photo of Marriott Renaissance Washington DC Hotel


Marriott Renaissance Washington, DC Hotel
999 9th Street, N.W.
Washington, DC  20001
Phone: 202-898-9000

Map and directions to Marriott Renaissance Washington DC Hotel.

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