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Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter Archives

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January 1998 Online SIG event

Online Graphics Tips and Tricks Group Discussion

Date and Time: Thursday, 29 January 1998
Location: Meeting Room
Patrick Henry Library
101 Maple Ave. East
Vienna, VA
Phone: 703-938-0405
Topic: "Online Graphics Tips and Tricks Group Discussion"
Description: Join the DC Online SIG for a lively discussion about online graphics for the Web, WinHelp, or otherwise. Share your graphic trials and tribulations; chances are that someone else has fought your battle and won (or at least found a workaround). Questions you can ask (or answer) include
  • What is the best way to scale a bitmap?
  • How do others others handle in-line graphics for multiple resolutions?
  • Why are my graphics purple and yellow on that other machine?
  • What tools do people like?
  • What are some good ways to create icons?
  • Do I really need to spend the bucks for Photoshop? What can PaintShop Pro do for me?
  • What is SHGREZ?
Come share your expertise and network with other cool online developers in the DC area! Bring copies of your solution to distribute to everyone, if desired. Contact Melissa Brown if you need an overhead projector.


photo of Patrick Henry Library

Patrick Henry Library
101 Maple Avenue East
Vienna, VA 22180-5794
Phone: 703-938-0405

Map and directions to Patrick Henry Library in Vienna, VA.

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