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Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter Archives

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May 2008 Issue

May 2008 Vol. 1 Issue 1

From the Editor
by Vicki Hill
With Capital Letter now online, Vicki Hill wants to develop unique Web features and to encourage your suggestions.

Photos from the Depths of the South Pacific
An Interview with Maria Di Paolo-Greer

Maria's passion for underwater photography emerged when she jumped into the clear blue ocean off the southwestern coast of Fiji.

Exciting Volunteer Opportunities
Now is the chance for you to make a difference with STCWDC.

Ribbons and Rows
by Vicki Hill
Microsoft Ribbon contains command buttons and icons and organizes related commands within Tabs.

Events and Announcements
Discover what’s happening and what new is being planned with your STCWDC chapter.

STC Summit 2008


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Rates and Policies

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Noted with Interest

Check out appealing anecdotes.

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