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Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter Archives

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Directions to Mount Vernon Inn

photo of Mount Vernon Inn


Mount Vernon Inn
Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens
Mount Vernon, Virginia
Phone: 703-780-0011

By Metro:

This is no Metrorail access to this location. If you are not able to get to this event by car, please indicate on the registration page that you are interested in carpooling—and specify that you will need a ride to the event from your home, business, or a Metro station near the location.

Metro information:

  • For all Metro stations, see the Metrorail Stations page.
  • For a map of the station and surrounding neighborhood, click on the PDF in the Entrances / Evacuation Maps box.
  • For the full Metro system of lines, see the Metrorail map – PDFs of rail maps are available in black & white and in color; Metro Pocket Guides are available in seven languages: English, French, Amharic, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Korean.
  • For the train status map, see Live Metrorail Train Map.  New)

Getting there by the Moovit App:

  • Download the Moovit app for all your local transit options.
  • Type in your current location (or where you want to leave from) and where you want to go and it will immediately show where the nearest bus or Metro line might be and when the next train or bus is scheduled to arrive. View bus and train schedules, arrival times, service alerts and detailed routes on a map, so you know exactly how to get to anywhere in Washington, D.C. - Baltimore, Maryland.

By Car:

Mount Vernon is easily reached by car. Mount Vernon is 16 miles south of Washington, D.C., at the southern end of the George Washington Memorial Parkway in Virginia. The adjoining map shows the major routes to Mount Vernon; written driving instructions follow. See the Visitor's Guide for information about additional routes for driving to Mount Vernon.

From the North: Frederick, Gaithersburg, Rockville, Silver Spring, MD:
Travel south on Interstate 270 to Interstate 495 (the Beltway). Follow the beltway south to Virginia. As you cross the bridge over the Potomac River, get in the right lane. Take the first exit in Virginia, exit 14, marked "George Washington Memorial Parkway." Follow the George Washington Parkway south for about 30 miles, which takes you directly to Mount Vernon. The Parkway is renamed "Washington Street" in Alexandria, and Mount Vernon is eight miles south of Alexandria, at the large traffic circle at the end of the Parkway.

From Washington, DC:Mount Vernon map
Cross the Fourteenth Street Bridge, heading to Virginia. While on the bridge, move to the far right lane. Take the second exit on the right, which is marked "National Airport/Mount Vernon." Once on the Parkway, follow the signs to National Airport and continue south, through Alexandria. The parkway is renamed "Washington Street" in downtown Alexandria. Mount Vernon is eight miles south of Alexandria, at the large traffic circle at the end of Parkway.

From the West (Reston and beyond):
Travel east on Interstate 66 to Interstate 495 South (the beltway). Follow the outer beltway which becomes Interstate 95 North (headed towards Baltimore). Turn off at exit 1B, Route 1 North, marked "Alexandria/Mount Vernon." Once on Route 1, make the first right turn, onto Franklin Street. Turn right again at Washington Street, which is marked for Mount Vernon. Washington Street becomes the George Washington Parkway as you leave Alexandria, and Mount Vernon is eight miles south, at the large traffic circle at the end of Parkway.

From the South (Woodbridge, Richmond, North Carolina):
Travel north on Interstate 95 and turn off at exit 161, Route 1 North, marked "Ft. Belvoir/Mt. Vernon." Continue north on Route 1 about six miles, through Ft. Belvoir. Just after Ft. Belvoir, turn right on Route 235 north. Mount Vernon is three miles straight ahead, at a large traffic circle.


Parking is in a nearby lot.


Wheeled access to be determined.

Traffic Conditions and Street Closings

Last modified Sunday, 25-Feb-2024

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