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Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter Archives

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Directions to Editorial Experts, Inc.

photo of the EEI building


Editorial Experts, Inc.
66 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 200
Alexandria, VA 22314-5507
Phone: 703-683-7453

By Metro:

This is no Metrorail access to this location. If you are not able to get to this event by car, please indicate on the registration page that you are interested in carpooling—and specify that you will need a ride to the event from your home, business, or a Metro station near the location.

(For all Metro stations, see the Metrorail Stations page. For a map of the station and surrounding neighborhood, click on the PDF in the Entrances / Evacuation Maps box. For the full Metro system of lines, see the Metrorail map.)

By Car:EEI building in Alexandria, VA map

From Washington, DC by way of the 14th Street bridge:
Take the 2nd right exit, marked National Airport. By way of the Beltway (I-495), cross the American Legion Bridge. Take the first exit onto the George Washington Parkway. Go south on the GW Parkway past the airport and the sailing marina (road becomes N. Washington Street). Turn left on Madison Street. Go 4 blocks, turn left on North Fairfax Street. Go 2 blocks, turn right into Central Center Plaza (opposite First Street). See Parking.

From the west, by way of the Beltway in Virginia (I-95/I-495):
Follow the Beltway to exit 1B (Old Town Alexandria). Continue 1.3 miles on Rout 1/Patrick Street. Turn right on Madison Street. Go 7 blocks, turn left on North Fairfax Street. Go 2 blocks, turn right into Central Center Plaza (opposite First Street). See Parking.


After turning into the Central Center Plaza, drive over the train tracks and turn right into the parking garage ($5.00). Visitor Parking is indicated by the white-painted columns. In the garage, walk past the entrance ramp to "yellow entrance 66." Go through the gray door to the lobby. Take the elevator to the 2nd floor. Follow the signs to the meeting room.

Parking is also available in an outdoor lot on North Fairfax Street between Madison and Montgomery Streets.


Wheeled access to be determined.

Traffic Conditions and Street Closings

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