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Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter Archives

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Competition Winners

1998-1999 Technical Publications Competition Winners

STC WDCB 1998-1999 Technical Publications Competition Best of Show EmblemSTC WDCB 1998-1999 Technical Publications Competition winner's emblem

Congratulations to all the winners in the STC Washington, DC - Metro Baltimore Chapter Online Communication, Technical Art, and Technical Publications competitions!

Technical Publications Statistics Award Breakdown
Total entries: 63
Total award winners: 39
Distinguished: 7 (includes 1 Best of Show)
Excellence: 8
Merit: 11
Achievement: 13

Winners of the Distinguished Technical Communication and Excellence awards go on to the International Technical Publication Competition (ITPC). Winners of the ITPC are presented at the Annual Conference in May. A gold star marks the winning entries in the International Competition.

Entry title Contributors Company
Best of Show
No awards
Distinguished Technical Communication
APL Brochure Shannon E. Nelson, Kojo Asafo-Agyei, Vanessa M. Grey, Murrie Burgan, Elaine C. David Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL)
MOVEfoward and MOVEfoward Connect User's Guide Robert Waxman, Laura Jackel Group 1 Software
OfficeConnect Hub User Guide gold star Patrina Law, James Lawrence 3Com Centre
Rebuild America Guide Series gold star Stephen Namie, Michelle Demarest, Liz Minor Energetics, Inc.
SIRIUS 3R Low-Voltage Controlgear Program Overview Meinolf Schmidt Siemens AG
SmartMatch User's Guide Rebecca Dinerman, Prateeti Ballal, Eric Weitzel Group 1 Software
XaCCT 3.0 User Guide Lina Scorza XaCCT Technologies
3RW3 Electronic Soft Starter Meinolf Schmidt Siemens AG
Biological Control of Pink Hibiscus Mealybug Project Manual Bruce Attavian, Anita McGrady, John Patterson, Dale Meyerdirk U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Plant Protection and Quarantine (USDA, APHIS, PPQ)
Biological Control of Pink Hibiscus Mealybug Project Manual Bruce Attavian U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Plant Protection and Quarantine (USDA, APHIS, PPQ)
Organization Murrie W. Burgan, Elaine C. David, Vanessa M. Grey, Brenda R. Prater Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL)
Radiant Product Guide Mildred B. Wyman Unknown.
SICAM LCC - Low Voltage Control Center Meinolf Schmidt Siemens AG
SIKOSTART 3RW22/3RW34 Electronic Motor Controllers Meinolf Schmidt Siemens AG
StorHouse/RM Concepts Sandra Cornfeld, Kathy Hawkins, Sherri Anderson FileTek, Inc.
Taboret User's Guide Elizabeth L. Reed, Patricia Elwood, Tracy McCumber ARINC, Inc.
ARINC 1997 Annual Report Sheryl R. Sierachi, Raymond M. Glennon ARINC, Inc.
Charge Banner Norma Emery, Barbara Garver, Linda Strawsburg CCR Publishing, Inc.
Covance QAIS Manager Sales Folder Tina Martin Martin-Shaffer, Inc.
Optimizer User's Guide Christopher Bigler CenterForce Technologies
Reviewer's Manual for the Technical Advisory Group for Biological Control Agents Dawn A. Wade, John L. Patterson, Hilary C. Odom, Polly P. Lehtonen U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Plant Protection and Quarantine (USDA, APHIS, PPQ)
Satellite 4020CDT/4025CDT User's Guide Maribel Swanson, Vicki Strauss Atkins Duane International
Sirius 3R Low Voltage Control Gear Meinolf Schmidt, Jurgen Hahn, Angelika Wegerer Siemens AG
Software for Atomic Data Management Sandra Cornfeld, Michel Fielding, Frank Bozzonetti FileTek, Inc.
Technology Transfer Newsletter Sharon Baetcke, Eric C. Johnson, Christina N. Krupski Litton/PRC, Inc.
The BMDO Update NTTC Washington Operations, Lan Crickman, Leslie Aitcheson National Technology Transfer Center (NTTC) - Washington Operations
The Wyeth-Ayerst Prescription Drug Benefit Cost and Plan Design Survey Report Juliana Newman, Peter Sonnenreich, Thomas G. DiStefano Wellman Publishing, Inc.
Access Concentrator 60 and Access Concentrator 120 User's Guide Lynn Gandy Lucent Technologies
CashRegister Service Documentation Set Sara K. Brown, Molly Hovorka, Kirstin Mercer CyberCash, Inc.
Contactors for Switching Motors Overload Relays Meinolf Schmidt Siemens AG
FileTek Hardware Specifications Susan McGuire, Kathy Hawkins FileTek, Inc.
Life Technologies cDNA Isolation Services Direct Mail Tina Martin Martin-Shaffer, Inc.
Monitoring Relays 3UG3 - Always on Guard Josef Götz Siemens AG
OATS Subscriber Manual Carolyn Kelley Klinger Unknown.
Pacific-Sierra Research Corporation 1997 Annual Report Jean Morra, Bonnie Driggers, Cynthia A. Lockley, Cindie Flannigan Pacific-Sierra Research Corporation
Performance Assessment Tasks Volume 9 Norma Emery, Charlotte Whitting, Jay McTighe Maryland Assessment Consortium
Practical Motor Protection Rudolf Pels Siemens AG
SIVACON - The Variable Low-Voltage Switchboard Helmuth Biotucca Siemens AG
The New Fuse Switch Disconnectors - Certainly the right move! Antje Platte Siemens AG
The Service Source Lissa Roberts, Maura Betler, Ray Chin Group 1 Software
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