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Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter Archives

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Competition Winners

1994-1995 Competition Winners

Chapter Competition Winners

The 1994-1995 competitions are over. We are pleased to present the lists of winners for our local competitions for which we had 160 entries!

The winners received their awards at the Annual Awards Celebration, 17 January 1995, held at the National Press Club, Washington, DC. The speaker, Thomas Koulopolous, President of Delphi Consulting Group, spoke on "The Future of the Document".

International Competition Winners

The winners of the Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter's Distinguished and Excellence Technical Communication awards were entered in the international competitions. Winners of the international competitions were presented at the 42nd Annual Conference in April, 1995 in Washington, DC.

Student Award Winners

We are also pleased to congratulate the high school students who won awards this year:

1994-1995 Austin T. Brown Technical Communication Award Competition
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