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Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter Archives

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International Competition Winners

2009-2010 International Technical Publications Competition Winners

STC International Competitions Best of Show award ribbonSTC International Competition award ribbon for Winner

Congratulations to all the Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter winners who won awards at the STC International Competition level!

The winners of the Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter's Distinguished Technical Communication award were entered in the International Technical Publications Competition (ITPC). Winners of the ITPC are on display at the Annual Conference (Technical Communication Summit) in May.

Winners at the international level are entitled to display the STC International Competition award ribbon.

Entry title Contributors Company
Distinguished Technical Communication
An entry that wins an award of Distinguished Technical Communication is clearly superior in all areas. The entry contains no major flaws and few, if any, minor flaws. It applies the principles of technical communication in an outstanding way, particularly the way that it anticipates and fulfills the needs of its audience.
JHU/APL Technical Digest Angela C. Hughes, Managing Editor; Donald J. Vislay, Art Director; Eleanor Edgeworth, Design Associate; Kenneth R. Moscati, Senior Illustrator; Daryl L. George, Illustrator JHU/APL
NCRR Reporter Aaron Auyeung, Meryl Thomas, Terry LaMotte Palladian Partners, Inc.
Ocean Surface Topography Mission (OSTM)/Jason-2 Science Writers' Guide Alan Buis, Gretchen Cook-Anderson, Rosemary Sullivant NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
An entry that wins an award of Excellence consistently meets high standards in all areas. The entry might contain a single major flaw or a few minor flaws. The entry demonstrates an exceptional understanding of technical communication principles.
Our Changing Planet: The View from Space Michael King, Claire Parkinson, Winnie Humberson, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center;
Kim Partington, Polar Imaging Ltd.;
Robin Williams, Science Systems and Applications, Inc.;
Sally Bensusen, Marit Jentoft-Nilsen, Debbi McLean, Mark Malanoski, Wyle Information Systems, Inc.;
Jesse Allen, Robert Simmon, Sigma Space Corporation;
Reto Stockli, MeteoSwiss
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Pictures of the Future Arthur F. Pease Siemens AG
An entry that wins a Merit award consistently meets high standards in most areas. The entry might contain a small number of major or minor flaws, but it still applies technical communication principles in a highly proficient manner.
Altarum Institute Marketing Folder Liz Ritter, Marijka Lischak, Debra Foulks Altarum Institute
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