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Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter Archives

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Competition Winners

2007-2008 Technical Publications Competition Winners

STC WDCB 2007-2008 Technical Publications Competition Best of Show EmblemSTC WDCB 2007-2008 Technical Publications Competition winner's emblem

Congratulations to all the winners in the STC Washington, DC - Metro Baltimore Chapter Online Communication, Technical Art, and Technical Publications competitions!

Technical Publications Statistics Award Breakdown
Total entries: 49
Total award winners: 43
Distinguished: 7 (includes 1 Best of Show)
Excellence: 14
Merit: 22

Winners of the Distinguished Technical Communication Award go on to the International Technical Publication Competition (ITPC). Winners of the ITPC are presented at the STC Annual Conference in June.

A gold star marks the winning entries in the International Competition. All _7_ of our Technical Publications entries won STC International Competition awards this year!

Entry title Contributors Company
Best of Show
Letting Go of the Words: Writing Web Content That Works   gold star Janice (Ginny) Redish Redish & Associates, Inc.
Distinguished Technical Communication
Security Metrics (Addison—Wesley Professional)   gold star Andrew Jaquith Addison-Wesley Professional
PERC Research and Development Brochure   gold star Lindsay Pack, Energetics; Stephen Namie, Energetics; Greg Kerr, Director of PERC R&D Energetics Incorporated
Exceptional Software Strategies, Inc. Newsletter   gold star Rebecca Popka, Shervonne Cherry,
Sylvie Schuresko, TJ Pawlikowski, William Kileen
Exceptional Software Strategies, Inc.
The New Genetics   gold star Alison Davis NIH / NIGMS
Letting Go of the Words: Writing Web Content That Works   gold star Janice (Ginny) Redish Redish & Associates, Inc.
Pictures of the Future   gold star Arthur F. Pease Siemens AG
Export Program Manual   gold star John Patterson, Michael Perry, Rebecca Frasure, Bruce Attavian U.S. Department of Agriculture
Transforming Nursing Data into Quality Care: Profiles of Quality Improvement in U.S. Healthcare Facilities Isis Montaivo, Nancy Dunton, Eric Wurzbacher, Laura Johnson Hurst American Nurses Association
Teaching IOM: Implications of the IOM Reports for Nursing Education Anita Finkelman, Carol Kenner, Eric Wurzbacher American Nurses Association
U.S. Department of Energy Biomass Program Brochure Paget Donnelly, Joan Pellegrino, Stephen Namie Energetics Incorporated
Industrial Technologies Program 2006 Overview Paget Donnelly, Melissa Eichner, Stephen Namie Energetics Incorporated
Exceptional Benefits for Exceptional Employees Rebecca Popka, Shervonne Cherry, Sylvie Schuresko, TJ Pawlikowski, William Kileen Exceptional Software Strategies, Inc.
BOPSY2: World and Regional Tables - Job Aid Marylyn G. King, Otis Dwayne Raiford International Monetary Fund
EDF Dissemination Tool Training Guide Marylyn G. King International Monetary Fund
How to Prepare Defense-Related Scientific and Technical Reports: Guidance for Government, Academia, and Industry Walter W. Rice Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL)
Quick Start for the Report Pack Viewer John Tremblay Metavante Image Solutions
Ironworkers Welding Curriculum Mosaic Learning, Inc. MOSAIC Learning, Inc.
SIMATIC S7-300 Getting Started for First Time Users Astrid Ebnet Siemens AG
SIMATIC Safety Integrated for Factory Automation Bernhard Wöll, Simone Klaumünzer, Ulrich Kaus Siemens AG
Teknos: The Journal of Science, Mathematics, and Technology Matthew Wade, Jim Jarvis, Francis Deng, Ivan Papusha, Olex Ponomarenko, Prashasti Agrawal, Meghan Clark, Gloria Driessnack, Joshua Hall, Ellen Huang, Esther Kim, Aaron Koenig Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
Occupational Outlook Quarterly Olivia Crosby, Managing Editor; Elka M. Torpey, Contributing Editor; T. Alan Lacey, Layout and Design U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Digi-Data T-2000 RAID Manager User Guide Alice Barrett Mack ABM Technical Communications
Blackboard Outcomes Institutional Accreditation Success Story Beth MacNeil Stinson Blackboard Inc.
Blackboard Outcomes System Quick Reference Set Beth MacNeil Stinson Blackboard Inc.
Malaria Vaccine Technology Roadmap Executive Summary Ross Brindle, Julie Chappell, Stephen Namie Energetics Incorporated
VSE Corporation Mission: Success Annual Report and Form 10K 2006 Julie Chappell Energetics Incorporated
Instructional Alternate Reality Games (I-ARGs) Rowan Job-Julian, Sylvie Schuresko, Rebecca Popka, William Killeen Exceptional Software Strategies
EDF Dissemination Tool Quick Reference Card Marylyn G. King International Monetary Fund
Wyeth Trend Report Series: Medicare Insights – understanding trends impacting your business Michael Petryna, Daniel Shostak, Peter Sonnenreich Kikaku America International
ASHP Publications Ad Campaign Martin-Schaffer, Inc. Martin-Schaffer, Inc.
ASHP 2007 MidYear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition Martin-Schaffer, Inc. Martin-Schaffer, Inc.
Grace Davison Biofuels Technologies Campaign Martin-Schaffer, Inc. Martin-Schaffer, Inc.
What's New for VisionContent: Reports 6.0 John Tremblay Metavante Image Solutions
Two Centuries of Progress in Technical Communication Bradford R. Connatser Freelance
DI Product/Services Cut Sheets H. Stuart Kelly Freelance
Software RemoteOperate V2 Programming Manual Ingo Nicklas Siemens A&D AS SM ID
SIMATIC HMI device Mobile Panel 277 RO Operating Instructions Ingo Nicklas Siemens A&D AS SM ID
motion world Wolfgang Wilcke, Publicis Corporate Publishing, Annette Horneber Siemens AG
IVM Handheld Scanner Quick-Start Guide John Tarrant, Randall Cooper, Benjamin Sullivan Subsystem Technologies, Inc.
IVM Asset Tracker User Manual Allen Rotz, Benjamin Sullivan, Randall Cooper Subsystem Technologies, Inc.
2007 Virginia Tech ECE Annual Report Eileen Quirk Baumann, Chasity Stevens, Josh Armstrong The Right Word
NCI BBRB Report Yael Tamir, Isaac Yates Westat
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