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Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter Archives

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Competition Winners

2006-2007 Technical Publications Competition Winners

STC WDCB 2006-2007 Technical Publications Competition Best of Show EmblemSTC WDCB 2006-2007 Technical Publications Competition winner's emblem

Congratulations to all the winners in the STC Washington, DC - Metro Baltimore Chapter Online Communication and Technical Publications competitions!

Technical Publications Statistics Award Breakdown
Total entries: 60
Total award winners: 53
Distinguished: 12 (includes 1 Best of Show)
Excellence: 18
Merit: 22

Winners of the Distinguished Technical Communication Award go on to the International Technical Publication Competition (ITPC). Winners of the ITPC are presented at the STC Annual Conference in May.

A gold star marks the winning entries in the International Competition. Seven of our Technical Publications entries won International Competition awards this year.

Entry title Contributors Company
Best of Show
Inside the Cell   gold star Alisa Zapp Machalek, Kirstie Saltsman, Alison Davis NIH / NIGMS
Distinguished Technical Communication
ChemMatters Magazine 2006   gold star Carl E. Heltzel, Cornithia Harris, Terri Taylor American Chemical Society
Propane Technology Review, April 2006   gold star Propane Education & Research Council, Energetics Incorporated, Stuart Weidie Energetics Inc.
HN System Installation Manual for .74 m ku_band Upgradeable Antenna Model AN6-074P   gold star William J. Hagen Hughes Network Systems
Prototype Financial Privacy Notice Susan Kleimann, Kathryn Maloney Simonds, Rasika Krishna Kleimann Communication Group, Inc.
ASHP 2006 Products and Services   gold star Martin-Schaffer, Inc. Martin Schaffer, Inc.
ASHP Products and Services Martin-Schaffer, Inc. Martin Schaffer, Inc.
Defining Moments: Selected Highlights from 25 Years of Missile Defense Technology Development & Transfer   gold star Lisa Hylton, NTTC – Washington Operations Outreach Programs Manager; NTTC – Washington Operations Outreach and Engineering Teams National Technology Transfer Center (NTTC) - Washington Operations
Inside the Cell   gold star Alisa Zapp Machalek, Kirstie Saltsman, Alison Davis NIH / NIGMS
National Center for Research Resources Brochure   gold star Joan Barbour, Karen Welter Palladian Partners, Inc.
SIMATIC Bus links – PN / PN coupler Installation and Operating manual Christian Flierl, Siemens AG, A&D AS SM ID 1; Randolf Giesler, Siemens AG, A&D AS SM ID 1 Siemens AG, A&D AS SM ID
SecureOffice® NetTop® 2 – Thin Client™ Administrator's Guide Stacey Winn, TCS NetTop2—Thin Client Development Team Trusted Computer Solutions, Inc.
Math and Science Partnership Program (MSP) Westat, Westat Graphic Arts & Printing Services; National Science Foundation, Math and Science Partnership Program; Colleen Ryan Westat
DaVE User's Guide – Data Analysis Visualization Envvironment™ Grant Breithaupt, Brian Heffner Computer Systems Center Incorporated (CSCI)
APL's Staff Benefits Pamphlet Magda Saina, Elizabeth Burns JHU/APL
JHU / APL New Horizons Mission Puzzle Can Kerrie Beisser, Murrie Burgan, Magda M. Saina JHU / APL
JHU / APL The Civilian Space Newsletter Magda M. Saina, Murrie Burgan, Patrice Zurvalec JHU / APL
The APL 2004 Annual Report Magda M. Saina, Ronnie M. Good, Patrice Zurvalec JHU / APL
Ad: Chesapeake PERL Martin-Schaffer, Inc. Martin-Schaffer, Inc.
ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition Martin-Schaffer, Inc. Martin-Schaffer, Inc.
Brochure: Marligen Biosciences Martin-Schaffer, Inc. Martin-Schaffer, Inc.
Campaign: ASHP "Drug Induced Diseases" Campaign Martin-Schaffer, Inc. Martin-Schaffer, Inc.
Gene Logic Campaign Martin-Schaffer, Inc. Martin-Schaffer, Inc.
DataBridge Reference Guide Penelope Lang Metavante Image Solutions
Documentation Set for VisionContent: Documents Penelope Lang Metavante Image Solutions
ONT6000 Installation Manual Mary McKown, Writer; Timothy L. Miles, Mechanical Drawings Motorola, Inc.
Qovia IP Telephony Manager Operations Console User's Guide Mary Jane Dodgen Qovia, Inc.
Product Overview SIMATIC PX Birgit Gottsauner, Theresa Bowman, Larissa Leiphart Siemens AG
SIMATIC Panels – Operator Panels to suit every requirement Annette Horneber, Siemens AG, A&D AS SM ID 2; Dagmar Göpner, Siemens AG, A&D AS SM MP 6 Siemens AG, A&D AS SM ID
Occupational Outlook Quarterly Olivia Crosby, Managing Editor; Elka Maria Torpey, Contributing Editor; Alan Lacey, Layout and Design U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Cable Construction – The Burning Issue David P. Herder, Steve Woodington VantagePoint
ActioNews W. S. Faye Newsham, Lead Editor; Kathleen F. Schoen, Designer and Layout Artist; ActioNet, Inc. ActioNet, Inc.
Key Concepts and Features of the 2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy Sheida White, Sally Dillow, Communications Design Team at AIR / ESSI American Institutes for Research / ESSI
MobileAnalyzer for BlackBerry Enterprise Server Documentation Library Kelly LeBoeuf, Jonas Gyllensvaan, Gregg Fleet Concevium Business Solutions
Division of Child Support Family of Brochures   Charlyn DeVoss-Shipley, Division of Child Support; Michael Lumsden, Department of Social & Health Services Publications Division of Child Support, Washington State Dept. of Social and Health Services
STEREO Cut-Out Model Shannon Nelson, Murrie Burgan, Kerri Beisser JHU / APL
The Collapse of North Korea: A Prospect to Celebrate or Fear? Michael J. Dean, Murrie Burgan, Magda Saina JHU / APL
Ken Cook Co. International Multi-Language Small Craft Owner Manual David Ortiz, Nic Stoffel, Kristi Sirola Ken Cook Company
Catalogs: AHFS Drug Information Products Martin-Schaffer, Inc. Martin-Schaffer, Inc.
The Plastics Company (TPC) Usability Test Report Randall Sherbs Merge Computer Group
Quick Start for VisionContent: Lending Jessie de Jong, Penelope Lang, John Tremblay Metavante Image Solutions
Educational Services 2005 Training Catalog Amy Taylor, Writer and Layout; Rhana Cassidy, Layout and Editing Motorola, Inc.
Feederline Install Sheet Mary McKown, Writer; Timothy L. Miles, Mechanical Drawings Motorola, Inc.
Increasing Revenue by Delivering Cellular Backhaul Services Mary McKown, Writer; Thomas Weiss, Engineer; Dave Hartrum, Engineer Motorola, Inc.
Modular Pedestal Node Platform Overview Mary McKown, Writer; Jack Regula, Photographer Motorola, Inc.
Ojo Video Phone Quick Start Guide Dawn Prunty, Text and Layout; Signature Designs, Photography and Layout; Jack Regula, Photography Motorola, Inc.
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Cancer Research Linda Pickle, Ph.D.; David Stinchcomb, Ph.D.; Denise Lewis, Ph.D. National Cancer Institute
Communication with SIMATIC Wolfram Klüber, Siemens AG, A&D AS SM ID; Bernhard Wöll, Siemens AG, A&D AS SM ID Siemens AG, A&D AS SM ID
SIMATIC Bus links DP / PA coupler, DP / PA link and Y link Operating instructions Susanne Köferl, Siemens AG, A&D AS SM ID 1 Siemens AG, A&D AS SM ID
SIMATIC HMI MP 277 (WinCC flexible) – Operating instructions Christian Flierl, Siemens AG, A&D AS SM ID 1; Thomas Reinhart, Siemens AG, A&D AS SM ID 5 Siemens AG, A&D AS SM ID
SIMATIC Technology – For technological tasks Bernhard Wöll, Siemens AG, A&D AS SM ID; Simone Klaumünzer, Siemens AG, A&D AS SM MP Siemens AG, A&D AS SM ID
CG Central Quick Reference Card Bronwyn Gagne Stanley Associates / U.S. Coast Guard Operations Systems Center
NIST ATP Report Westat, Westat Graphic Arts & Printing Services; National Institute of Standards and Technology, U.S. Dept. of Commerce; Tatiana Watson Westat
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