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Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter Archives

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Competition Winners

2002-2003 Technical Publications Competition Winners

STC WDCB 2002-2003 Technical Publications Competition Best of Show EmblemSTC WDCB 2002-2003 Technical Publications Competition winner's emblem

Congratulations to all the winners in the STC Washington, DC - Metro Baltimore Chapter Online Communication, Technical Art, and Technical Publications competitions!

Technical Publications Statistics Award Breakdown
Total entries: 59
Total award winners: 47
Distinguished: 9 (includes 1 Best of Show)
Excellence: 14
Merit: 24

Winners of the Distinguished Technical Communication Award go on to the International Technical Publication Competition (ITPC). Winners of the ITPC are presented at the Annual Conference in May.

A gold star marks the winning entries in the International Competition. Eight International Competition awards were given to our Technical Publications entries this year.

Entry title Contributors Company
Best of Show
National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) 2002 Training Kit gold star Westat Graphic Arts Department, Lisa Rodriguez, Cindy Goode, and Angelica Nunez Westat
Distinguished Technical Communication
To Comfort Always: A Nurse's Guide to End of Life Care gold star Rosanne O'Connor, Editor; Linda Norlander, Author; Stacy Maguire, Designer American Nurses Association
JHU/Whiting School of Engineering Annual Report gold star Diana Whitman JHU/Whiting School of Engineering
Invitrogen/GIBCO Serum-Free Cell Culture Ad gold star Tina Martin Martin-Schaffer, Inc.
Invitrogen/GIBCO Serum-Free Cell Culture Ad Tina Martin Martin-Schaffer, Inc.
Teknos gold star Saul Dorfman, Robert Latham, Marilyn J. Seiber Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology
Occupational Outlook Quarterly gold star Kathleen Green, Managing Editor; Matthew Mariani, Desktop Publisher; Olivia Crosby, Contributing Editor U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Investigation Report, Thermal Decomposition Incident, BP Amoco Polymers, Inc. gold star Deborah Stocker, Stephen Selk, and Pamela Guandique U. S. Chemical Safety Board
A Customer's Guide to Mailing gold star Carrie Witt, Anne Emmerth, Sherry Freda U.S. Postal Service
National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) 2002 Training Kit gold star Westat Graphic Arts Department, Lisa Rodriguez, Cindy Goode, and Angelica Nunez Westat
ASI for KVS Enterprise Vault Integration Guide Sherri Andersen, Sandra Cornfeld, and Kathy Hawkins FileTek, Inc.
Write It Right: Style Guide (for HNS Technical Manuals) Janice Cadel Hughes Network Systems
Write It Right: Work Instructions (For HNS Technical Manuals) William Hagen Hughes Network Systems
VX10-Cellular Phone User Guide Eunhee Kim and Yong-Bae Kim LG Electronics Inc.
Gene Logic Sales Materials Tina Martin Martin-Schaffer, Inc.
Grace Vydac Reversed-Phase HPLC Handbook Tina Martin Martin-Schaffer, Inc.
Invitrogen/GIBCO Neural Cell Culture Mailer Tina Martin Martin-Schaffer, Inc.
NIGMS Minority Programs Update Susan J. Athey and Jillienne D. Mitchell National Institute of General Medical Sciences
Missile Defense Technologies—Tools to Counter Terrorism Lisa Hylton and Tabatha Spitzer National Technology Transfer Center (NTTC) - Washington Operations
From Molecules to Medicines: Research and Training Programs of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences Alisa Zapp Machalek NIH/NIGMS
ECOFAST Motor Starters High Feature Peter Lill and Erich Henle Siemens AG
Manual for Totally Integrated Power Peter Lill, Udo Grass, and Wolfgang Pilsl Siemens AG
SIGNUM 3SB3 Command Devices: An illiminating range Peter Lill, Johanna Angela Gebhardt, and Robert Gassner Siemens AG
Investigation Report, Steel Manufacturing Incident, Bethlehem Steel Corporation Deborah Stocker, David Heller, and Pamela Guandique U. S. Chemical Safety Board
APD IMS Associate Feedback Survey A. Ugur Akinci ADP Medical Claims Services
Aether IP Template for FrameMaker User's Guide Lauren Anthone and Terry Winchester Aether Systems, Inc.
SIGNAL Magazine Robert K. Ackerma AFCEA
Code of Ethics for Nurses product set Rosanne O'Connor; Eric Wurzbacher, Editor; Carole Goodman, Designer; Edwin Porciuncula, Designer/Compositor American Nurses Association
Magnet Hospitals Revisited Rosanne O'Connor; Eric Wurzbacher; Margaret McClure, Author/Content Editor; Ada Sue Hinshaw, Author/Content Editor American Nurses Association
Nursing the Spirit: Art & Science of Applying Spiritual Care Rosanne O'Connor; Eric Wurzbacher; Dorothy Wilt, Author/Content Editor; Carol Schucher, Author/Content Editor American Nurses Association
Documentation Set for Anoto Application Development Kit Jenny Anersson, Eva-Lotta Carolusson, Lori Osterholm, and Susanne Dyrhage Anoto AB
ConsumerPoint Getting Started Guide Leda D. Farbstein Claritas Inc.
Moving from Prospect to Production in Five Easy Steps Sandra Cornfeld and Kathy Hawkins FileTek, Inc.
E-ssentials: A Student's Guide to Technology at Georgetown University Devlan Nocera, Debbie Ginsburg, Robert Boyajian, and Mark Jacobs Georgetown University
DIRECTV Digital Satellite Receiver Owner's Manual Joseph Callow Hughes Network Systems
NetCoPP User's Guide Release 3.2.0 Martha Williamson, Joyce Nailling Carr, Kimberly Reisler, and Martha Plummer Williamson IMCI Technologies
Retrospective Study of Chlamydia trachomatis Using the Poolymerase Chain Reaction on Archival Papanicolaou-Stained Cytologic Smears Doris P. Feldman, Sanford H. Feldman, Jamie L. Covell, and Henry Frierson, Jr. James Madison University
Ukraine: A Technical Communication Perspective Kirk St.Amant James Madison University
Grace Vydac ShortFast Campaign Tina Martin Martin-Schaffer, Inc.
Invitrogen/GIBCO "Think Downstream" Ad Tina Martin Martin-Schaffer, Inc.
Orbital TMS SmartMDT (Smart Mobile Data Terminal) Manual Alexandra Calloway and Tracy Johnson Orbital TMS
Stewardship Report 2001 Richard L. Barron, Jr., Craig A. Seger, Gregory K. Thomas, and Craig P. Adams General Physics Corp.
Ecofast: Elixir for the field level—to get your production into shape Peter Lill, Jurgen Hofmann, Maik Buttner, Thomas Jansen Siemens AG
Hear the difference—ultraprecise with ultrasonic Peter Lill and Ethem Alagoz Siemens AG
Safety Integrated: Solid-stat combinations and load feeders Peter Lill, Stefanie Warmerdam, and Hainz Zippner Siemens AG
Switching, Protecting, Starting. SIRIUS Product Overview Peter Lill, Jutta Speitel, Gudrun Frank, and Robert Jung Siemens AG
Tips & Tricks, IT Department Monthly Newsletter for Stradley, Ronon, Stevens & Young, LLP Sarah Detwiler, Robyn Campbell, and Nick Stanziani Stradley, Ronon, Stevens & Young, LLP
WesVar User's Guide Westat Graphic Arts Department, Rick Valliant, Brandon Barnett, and Ben Gill Westat
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