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Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter Archives

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International Competition Winners

2002-2003 International Online Communication Competition Winners

STC International Competition award ribbon for Winner

Congratulations to all the Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter winners who won awards at the STC International Competition level!

The winners of the Washington, DC - Baltimore Chapter's Distinguished Technical Communication award were entered in the International Online Communication Competition (ITOCC). Winners of the ITOCC are presented at the Annual Conference in May.

Winners at the international level are entitled to display the STC International Competition award ribbon.

Entry title Contributors Company
Distinguished Technical Communication
Data Transformation Corporation: DCLS Sales Promo Marissa Levin; Jon Chretien, Design and Production; Craig Dockery, Art Direction, Production, and Audio; Jerry Smith, Creative Direction and Content Development Information Experts, Inc.
No awards
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webMethods Integration Platform Installation Guide 6.0 Marianne Fuller webMethods, Inc.
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